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Hotkeys & Shortcut Autodesk Maya



Snapping Operations

Autodesk Maya

c Snap to curves
x Snap to grids
v Snap to points
j Move, Rotate, Scale Tool snapping
Shft+J Move, Rotate, Scale Tool relative snapping


Painting Operations

Autodesk Maya

Alt+f Flood with the current value
Alt+a Turn Show Wireframe on/off
Alt+c Turn Color Feedback on/off
Alt+r Toggle Reflection on/off
u+LMB Artisan Paint Operation marking menu
b Modify upper brush radius
Shft+B Modify lower brush radius
Ctrl+b Edit Paint Effects template brush settings
i Modify Artisan brush Stamp Depth
m Modify Max Displacement (Of Sculpt Surfaces and Sculpt Polygons Tool)
n Modify Value
/ Switch to pick colour mode
' Select cluster mode (Of Paint Weights Tool )
8 Open Paint Effects panel
o+LMB Poly Brush Tool marking menu
o+MMB Poly UV Tool marking menu


Tumble, Track or Dolly

Autodesk Maya

Alt+LMB Tumble Tool
Alt+MMB Track Tool
Alt+RMB Dolly Tool



Autodesk Maya

4 Shading > Wireframe
5 Shaded display
6 Shaded and Textured display
7 Lighting > Use All Lights
d+LMB Display Quality marking menu
1 Low Quality Display setting
2 Medium Quality Display setting
3 High Quality Display setting


Displaying Objects (show, hide)

Autodesk Maya

Ctrl+h Display > Hide > Hide Selection
Ctrl+Shft+H Display > Show > Show Last Hidden
Alt+h Display > Hide > Hide Unselected Objects
Shft+I Show > Isolate Select > View Selected


Tool Operations

Autodesk Maya

Return Complete current tool
~ Abort current tool
Insert Enter tool Edit mode
Shft menu+Q Select Tool
Shft menu+Q+LMB Component marking
Alt+q Select tool
Alt+q+LMB Polygon marking menu
q+LMB Mask marking menu
w Move tool
w+LMB Move tool marking menu
e Rotate tool
e+LMB Rotate tool marking menu
r Scale tool
r+LMB Scale tool marking menu
t Show manipulator tool
y Select last used tool (Excluding Select, Move, Rotate and Scale)
j Snap Move, Rotate, Scale tool
= or + Increase manipulator size
- Decrease manipulator size


Animation Operations

Autodesk Maya

s Animate > Set key
i Insert Keys tool (for graph editor)
Shft+S+LMB Keyframe marking menu
Shft+S+MMB Tangent marking menu
Shft+E Set key for Rotate
Shft+R Ser key for Scale
Shft+W Set key for Translate
Alt+s Cycle handle stiky state (for IK handles)


Playback Control

Autodesk Maya

Alt+. Move forward one frame
Alt+, Move backward one frame
. Go to Next key
, Go to previous key
Alt+v Turn Playback on/off
Alt+Shft+v Go to Min Frame


Hotbox Display

Autodesk Maya

Space Hotbox
Alt+m Default Hotbox Style (Zones and Menus Rows)


Window and View Operations

Autodesk Maya

Crtl+a Toogle Attribute Editor and Channel Box
a Frame all in active panel
a+LMB History Operations marking menu
Shft+A Frame All in all views
f Frame selected in active panel
Shft+F Frame selected in all views
] Redo view change
[ Undo view change
` Set keyboard focus to command line
Alt+` Set keyboard focus to numeric input line
F1 Help > Contents and Search


Moving Selected Objects

Autodesk Maya

Alt+Up arrow Move up one pixel +       –
Alt+Down arrow Move down one pixel +       –
Alt+Left arrow Move left one pixel +       –
Alt+Right arrow Move right one pixel +       –


Traversing the Hierarchy

Autodesk Maya

Up arrow Walk up the current hierarchy +       –
Down arrow Walk down current hierarchy +       –
Left arrow Walk left current hierarchy +       –
Right arrow Walk right current hierarchy +       –


Modeling Operations

Autodesk Maya

Crtl+Up arrow Display coarser Sub-d level +       –
Crtl+Down arrow Select/refine Sub-d component +       –
Crtl+F9 Convert poly selection to Vertices +       –
Crtl+F10 Convert poly selction to Edges +       –
Crtl+F11 Covert poly selection to Faces +       –
Crtl+F12 Convert poly selction to UVs +       –


File Operations

Autodesk Maya

Ctrl+n File > New Scene +       –
Ctrl+o File > Open Scene +       –
Ctrl+s File > Save Scene +       –
Ctrl+q File > Exit +       –


Selecting Menus

Autodesk Maya

Ctrl+m Show/Hide main menu bar +       –
Shft+m Show/Hide panel menu bar +       –
h+LMB Menu Set marking menu +       –
F2 Show Animationmenu set +       –
F3 Show Modeling menu set +       –
F4 Show Dynamics menu set +       –
F5 Show Rendering menu set +       –


Edit Operations

Autodesk Maya

z or Ctrl+z Edit > Undo +       –
Shft+z Edit > Redo +       –
g Edit > Repeat +       –
Shft+G Repeat command at mouse position +       –
Ctrl+d Edit > Duplicate +       –
Shft+D Edit > Duplicate with Transform +       –
Crtl+g Edit > Group +       –
p Edit > Parent +       –
Shft+P Edit > Unparent +       –
Crtl+x Edit > Cut +       –
Crtl+c Edit > Copy +       –
Ctrl+v Edit > Paste +       –


Selecting Objects and Components

Autodesk Maya

F8 Switching between Objevt and Component Editing +       –
F9 Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface Vertices +       –
F10 Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface Edges +       –
F11 Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface Faces +       –
F12 Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface UVs +       –
Ctrl+i Select next intermediate onject +       –
Alt+F9 Select Polygon Vertex/Faces +       –
< Shrink polygon selection region +       –
> Grow polygon selection region +       –








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